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new URL

Somewhere in Middle America has a new URL — www.somewhereinmiddleamerica.com. Be sure to change the RSS feed in your reader if you’re a subscriber.

See you over there!

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blogging hiatus

Beginning on February 15, Somewhere in Middle America will be offline for a couple of weeks getting a facelift. When we return on March 1, we’ll have a new URL (SomewhereinMiddleAmerica.com) and a new look. The blog’s focus will be changing just a teensy bit so the categories will be different, but other than that, it’ll be the same blog you’ve grown to love.

That said, now’s the time to buy some advertising! Send me an email for more information.

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new to the blogroll

Check out some of my new favorite blogs just added to the blogroll!

I *Heart* You

Little Brown Pen



katy elliott

Miss Jane


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As I put the finishing touches on my home office, I’m constantly looking for inspiration from photos of other people’s offices. This one, belonging to Kim from Desire to Inspire, is right up there as one of the best of the bunch. (via Made By Girl)

I love the white walls and floor as a backdrop for the pops of bright colors. Totally different than what I’m doing with my room, but awesome nonetheless.

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After reading about it on Decor8, I immediately signed up for English photographer Susannah Conway‘s self-exploratory e-course, Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self. It was a pretty uncharacteristic move on my part, as I have a history of not following through with online classes, but I was so intrigued by the premise of Susannah’s course. Through photography and writing assignments, participants will exercise their creativity and gain an better sense of self-awareness, two things I am itching to do.

From Susannah’s website:

We’ll be using the camera as a tool to unlock how we see not only ourselves but also the world we live in, including the immediate surrounds of our homes, places of work and our friends and family. We’ll delve into the past and turn our thoughts towards the future.

There will also be writing prompts and exercises that will support your photo projects and encourage greater self-awareness. Some of the assignments and exercises you’ll find quite easy; others you may find more challenging. My aim is to help you really see yourself and begin to tell your story. By the end of the course you’ll have a new appreciation for your one wild and precious life. You’ll also have a set of images that provide a fascinating insight into who you truly are.

If this interests you, there may still be room to sign up. How fun would it be to do this together!

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hiring a web designer

This isn’t a “How To” article on hiring a web designer; it’s a “How Do I?” post. I need to hire a graphic/web designer for a blog project I’m brainstorming, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. I know a couple of designers, but I need to know what important questions to ask them before I make a decision. So… what questions should I ask prospective designers?

If anybody reading this is a blog designer and would be interested in talking to me about my upcoming project, please send me an email and include some FAQs about your business and a link to your portfolio.

Thanks for your help!

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How About Orange posted a link to a creativity quiz on her blog today, and I had just to give it a shot. Turns out I’m “Eyes Wide Open” just like Jessica. I realize you’re supposed to take the results of these types of quizzes with a grain of salt, but I think the way my creativity is described is rather accurate.

How I Create:

Your strength lies in your ability to capture your own thoughts and in turn capture the minds of others.

How I Think:

You have a very visual perspective on life. You like your world to be drenched in beauty. The aesthetic is your priority.

Take the quiz, and share your results!

(image via How About Orange)

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twitter me

Silly, silly me. This whole time I’ve been telling people that my Twitter name is @pjinomaha, when I had actually misspelled it in my profile, adding an additional “J.” So if you are friends with @pjinjomaha (see that extra “J” after the “N”), please make sure to re-friend me and my properly spelled name: twitter.com/pjinomaha

Kudos to my coney for catching my error.

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little brown pen

I just discovered the gorgeous blog Little Brown Pen. Nichole features the most beautiful images and created this fantastic video. I’m totally in awe.

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Somewhere in Middle America is on Facebook! If you’re on Facebook, click here to join the party!

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