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I miss walking. I used to walk everywhere in New York, plus I lived on the fourth floor of a walk-up. I never had to go to the gym because I got all the exercise I needed just going to and coming home from work everyday! But now I don’t need to walk anywhere. I was so excited to leave the city because I was going to be able to drive my car everywhere — to the grocery store, to Bed, Bath and Beyond, to Home Depot, to the mall, to all the places that were such an inconvenience to walk to in New York. It’s so easy now. I just take the elevator down three flights to the garage, get in my car, drive wherever I need to go, park by the door, and enter. It’s way too easy.

This lack of physical exertion is starting to worry me. I’m beginning to feel out of shape, which means I’m going to have to start going to the gym. I hate going to the gym. Sometimes I seriously think I may be the laziest person in the world. The small gym in our development is like 500 feet from my front door, and I’ve only been there 5 times. But I get so bored there. I don’t like to sweat, and I don’t like getting out of breath. Waa, waa, I know.



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the drawer project

Last week we finished replacing the handles on the two dressers we bought from Craigslist. I don’t know why it took so long to complete this project, but it did.  While the dressers look a bit mid-century modern to me, I’m not really sure how old they really are. Old enough that none of the handles we saw at Lowe’s were the same size as the original ones, so we had to fill all the old holes with wood filler and then drill new ones for the mid-century modern-esque handles we picked.  I’m pretty happy with the result, though.  They’re good enough for us for now.

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Here are a couple of shots of the apartment taken last week shortly after we arrived.

Master bedroom — with crazy deluxe queen-sized Aerobed and dressers from Craigslist.



Office — I get the left side (and J’s stupid old desk).


Living room — left side and right side.



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Our Thursday excursion to Bed, Bath and Beyond ended up taking the entire day. We spent about 3 hours in the morning debating between fancy flatware and crystal patterns (we did not end up picking anything) and learning about knives and the differences between stainless and non-stick cookware. The customer service manager literally walked us around the entire kitchen section, explaining to us the bells and whistles of each and every product. I felt like I should have been taking notes — are we going to be quizzed on this before we say “I Do”?

We had to take a break at 2:30 PM because J had an appointment for a haircut, during which I started reading the latest issue of Modern Bride. I was famished at this point, so when he was finished around 3:00 PM we went to King Kong for lunch. I got a gyro, which was pretty good, and a side of fries, which were amazing. I’m convinced they were sprinkled with a light coating of crack, because I have never felt more addicted to anything. I can definitely see myself going back just for an order of fries.

We returned to the B-cubed around 3:30 PM and continued shopping for another two hours. We had to pick up several items for the apartment, including very exciting things like hangers, a laundry basket, a shower curtain and rings, sponges, a dish soap dispenser, and more. To my surprise, when we checked out, the salesperson let us use all 18 of our 20% off coupons on the 18 items we were purchasing. We used all but one measly coupon that our moms and grandparents had been collecting for us. (We still spent about $200. Apparently we are very consistent shoppers, always checking out with at least $200 worth of goods.)

Yesterday was a less productive day. J had training from 6-9 AM and a meeting at 1:00 PM, so we had very little time in between to do much unpacking. He spent the afternoon running errands (including buying alcohol for a party he and his friends threw last night and making the Jello shots for it), and I spent it on the couch cursing at the computer for not connecting to the internet.

We arrived to the party fashionably late. It was being held on the roof of J’s old apartment building-cum-post-college dorm, The Tip Top, where his former roommate, C, still lives. It would have been more fun if it weren’t so cold and windy up there. I was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt and still had to borrow a jacket from C. J and his friends were celebrating their promotion, so I let him enjoy the ridiculously strong Jello shots while I stayed sober.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the night was when I successfully drove us back to our apartment without getting lost. Go me.

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This is what $213 worth of groceries looks like. By the time we reached the checkout line, we had 88 items in our cart. In New York, that probably would have cost at least $300.

Besides the $213 on food, we spent $403 at Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday, the largest furniture store in the universe. It sits on 78 acres of land or something ridiculous like that. We purchased two new office chairs and a dark brown, mid-century modern-looking console for behind the couch.

Before we hit the supermarket, we went to Big Fred’s Pizza Garden for dinner. It’s supposed to have the best pizza in Omaha, but the New Yorker in me found it to be almost inedible. The crust tasted like a giant baked pita, the sauce was hardly saucy, and there was way too much cheese piled on top. Plus they hid the pepperoni under the mound of cheese, which I hate.

Anyone want to Fed Ex me some Famous Ray’s?

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J and I actually left NJ on Saturday around 11:30 AM and arrived in Omaha at 1:45 AM on Monday. Our 8-hour drive to Cleveland on Saturday was mostly uneventful — except for the periods of heavy downpour that made it nearly impossible to see the cars ahead of us on I-80. Though boring, I will say that the trip through Pennsylvania was quite pretty. Lots of rolling hills and greenery.

We had a lovely BBQ with J’s family Saturday night — his mom certainly knows how to entertain. After dinner with his brother and sister-in-law, grandparents, and mom’s bf, a smaller group of us played Texas Hold ‘Em (I literally learned how to play right before the game began, so we didn’t bet any money) until 1 AM. J’s mom, who also recently learned how to play, never folds — she always bets — and she usually ends up winning. J’s brother was getting annoyed at his mother’s lack of strategy, but the rest of us found it pretty hilarious.

Sunday was a hideous travel day. Nearly 13 hours in the car — and we had to drive through the rest of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. Not very scenic. Of course we got a late start out of Cleveland — we had to stop at Best Buy to pick up an FM-adapter for our iPods — so we didn’t leave until about noon. Since we packed ourselves a lunch before we left we didn’t have to stop to eat mid-afternoon, but we did stop for dinner around 7:30 PM in Le Claire, Iowa (we had to detour off I-80 in Le Claire, which is how we picked that town to eat in). After singing along to the entire Rent soundtracks and me playing DJ (albeit one with ADD), we arrived home (ahh!) in the wee hours of the morning. We unloaded the roof pack that was filled with clothing before calling it a night and crashing on our brand new Queen-sized Aero Bed.

Monday was a very productive day. We rearranged some furniture, unpacked some boxes, and bought a mattress (a Vera Wang for Serta, naturally). We also made a trip to Lowes to buy new hardware for our Craigslist-purchased bedroom furniture. J was like a kid in a candy store; I couldn’t wait to get out. I’m not what you might call “handy.” The idea of home improvement actually makes me itch a little.

I should be sleeping right now, but before bed we checked our registry lists online, and I was woken up around 2:30 AM with thoughts of bud vases and serving trays.

Later today I will post pictures of the apartment so you can see its transformation from a complete mess to slighty less messy. Even in its most chaotic state, I love it.

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