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Do you enjoy musicals about puberty, masturbation, sex, abortions, suicide and rebellion? Then get yourself tickets to see “Spring Awakening” on Broadway before it closes on Sunday!

My sister and I saw the show last night from the first row in the mezzanine. While the story was dark, the music was energetic, and the young actors were absolutely brilliant. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like with the original cast, who I heard were a bit older than the current cast and had stronger voices.

As part of the new cast, Hunter Parrish, one of Mary-Louise Parker’s sons on Showtime’s “Weeds,” plays Melchior, one of the leads, and, despite having a hard time with some of the high notes, is wonderfully convincing in the part. Doesn’t hurt that he’s also extremely pleasing on the eyes… (But he’s so young! Stop it!)

And some trivia for you: The actress who plays the lead female’s best friend is originally from Nebraska.

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letter to jason mraz

Dear Jason,

I just looked at your tour schedule and was disappointed to learn that you won’t be coming to Omaha this Fall.  However, you’ll be going to BOISE, ID???  Seriously?  Not that I have anything against Boise or Idaho, but BOISE, ID?

Omaha is very upset by this news.



(image source)

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Mucca Pazza, a self-described “circus punk marching band,” performed Sunday afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair, and the majority of their performance took place directly in front of the CraftStylish booth. Talk about great publicity! Here are some photos I took:

(photo taken from our booth — check out Michaela in the yellow shirt and greenish skirt)

I really don’t know how to describe Mucca Pazza’s sound. Imagine if a marching band was high on Red Bull and playing tunes with a little more funk than you’d expect. Nah, I’m not even sure that’s a good description. Why don’t you check them out for yourselves here:

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i’m yours

I love J, of course, but I’ve always had a sweet spot for Jason Mraz. They’re starting to play his new single, “I’m Yours,” on 98.5 FM, and every time I hear it I melt a little bit.

Imagine if I got J to sing it to me… I’d be a puddle.

I took this photo at a 2005 concert at Lincoln Center in NYC. His shirt said GEEK.

I heart geeks. And singer/songwriters.

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Every so often Omaha’s “Modern Hit Music” radio station will actually play something modern instead of Pink’s “Who Knew” or something terrible by Buckcherry or Three Days Grace. The past couple of days I’ve been lucky enough to catch something new while driving around running errands: “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. At first I didn’t get it (I still don’t really understand what Chris Martin is mumbling), but it’s grown on me. I think it’s quite catchy.

I used to be a pretty big Coldplay fan; I’ve seen them in concert a couple of times and would buy their albums the day they came out (or shortly thereafter). They’ve been on the backburner for so long that I kind of got over them. Now I’m debating whether to buy the new album. Does anybody have it and like it? Hate it?

Have you heard about this, though? A Brooklyn band called The Creaky Boards has accused Chris Martin of plagarizing a song, which is ironically called “The Songs I Didn’t Write.” Take a listen for yourselves. The similarities are definitely there…

And in a 2005 Rolling Stone interview, Martin actually said, “We’re definitely good, but I don’t think you can say we’re that original. I regard us as being incredibly good plagiarists.”


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adam has fake dreads

According to this Rolling Stone article, Adam admits to having fake dreadlocks. I’m shocked. I really had no idea they were fake. Did you?

His dreadlocks — which he has always freely admitted are hair extensions — are fascinating up close. They’re so incongruous with the rest of his appearance (“I’m a Russian Jew American, impersonating African,” he sings on the Crows’ new album) that you half expect them to begin moving, like a giant tarantula. Not long ago, Duritz’s publicist urged him to shave his head, but he wouldn’t do it. “Whatever they hide or cover about myself, you know, they feel good,” he says. “And I did not want to be skinhead guy.”

In high school, when my obsession with Counting Crows was at its peak, I really wanted to dreadlock my hair before seeing them in concert. My mom nixed that one. I thought it would create some sort of connection between me and Adam, who probably would have cared and autographed my ticket and t-shirt after the show anyway.

In all of his recent interviews, Adam is also revealing that he has been suffering from a dissociative disorder, and that the meds he began taking for them a couple of years ago caused him to gain 70 lbs. So that’s why he looked the way he did when we saw him in concert, Linds! Apparently he has since switched doctors and medications and has been eating properly and working out, so he’s lost most of the weight.

I’m just not sure I can get over the hair extensions. He must have been in his twenties when he started using them. Who told him it would be a good idea? And what does he look like without them?

(image from rolling stone)

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a surprise gift

J surprised me yesterday with a copy of Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. At 59.9 minutes long, I can listen to the album 8 times during work today.

What I wouldn’t have done to be at the West 4th subway station the day the album photos were taken…

Updated: First listen review — not in love.  Sad.

(images from vh1)

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