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If those were the before photos, these are the during/after photos of the snowstorm in Omaha today.


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Another snow day in Omaha.

This morning I received an automated call from the Omaha Public School district letting me know that school was canceled today.

A) I don’t have any children.

B) When the call came in at 6am, it hadn’t even started snowing!

The flurries began to fall less than an hour ago, and I fear that by 1pm, when I’m supposed to head down to Trocadero in the Old Market, driving conditions will be BAD. Right now, however, it’s awfully pretty outside.

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(via smosch.com)

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Look at how Adele from ModernEmotive transformed my photo from the previous post:

to something so much better:


Incredible, right? I am so impressed. Thanks so much, Adele! You are my Photoshop guru.

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mid-winter wonderland

Here are some photos I took in January of snow in my backyard…

The second photo and the last one are my favorites.

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What’s amazing about my nursery school class photo from 1984 is that, 15 years later, I’m Facebook friends with 11 of my old classmates, and at least four of us, including me, are married or have a baby. Plus, one of the girls in the photo was a bridesmaid at my May 2008 wedding and two others were guests!

Extra credit if you can pick me out from the group.

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One more fabulous photo of Malia Obama and her camera! Here she is taking a picture of her father, President Obama, all dressed up for the inaugural balls on January 20, 2009.

(Pete Souza / The White House)

(Pete Souza / The White House)

And how can you not love Sasha’s little dance of excitement?!

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