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Yesterday I had a delicious oxygen facial at Absolute Serenity Day Spa in Omaha. I can use the adjective “delicious” to describe my facial because my aesthetician used the adjective “yummy” to describe all of the products she used. A yummy pumpkin enzyme scrub. A yummy Vitamin C serum. She even gave me a yummy facial massage and instructed me to drift off to “La La” land during it. So I did.

All kidding aside, I loved being pampered for the hour and was so impressed with the results. My normally dry skin was plump with moisture, and my faint forehead lines and crows feet were nearly invisible. If only I could afford to purchase the Cellex-C products she used on my face. I would be wrinkle free forever!

If anybody is ever wondering what to get me for a special occasion, I’ll gladly take a gift certificate for another facial. It was bliss.

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It snowed early this morning, blanketing Omaha under (at least) 2-3 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Our first major snowfall of the season. Currently it’s 7 degrees outside, but the past two nights it’s been close to -20 degrees thanks to the wind chill.

The local news has been showcasing their meteorologists more frequently than normal because of the winter weather advisories. My favorite: Rusty Lord on WOWT, our NBC affiliate. Did his parents actually name him Rusty Lord? If not, what made him think that would make a good stage name? It sounds like a porn name!

Do your local meteorologists have too-good-to-be-true names? If so, please share! I could definitely use a laugh today.


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You know you live in the Midwest when your local newspaper endorses John McCain for president, which the Omaha World-Herald did on Sunday.

Sen. Barack Obama, who is leading in presidential election polls, has demonstrated qualities that this newspaper has editorially praised and highlighted. The Democratic presidential nominee displays a remarkable ability to inspire voters. He speaks to commendable American ideals.

But in several key respects, the Democratic nominee’s approach is at great variance from long-standing principles that guide this newspaper’s editorial page. Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, is closer to those positions.

This newspaper finds McCain to be the stronger candidate for the country’s needs.

What long-standing principles guide the Omaha World-Herald‘s editorial page? Le sigh… I suppose this is to be expected when you live in a red state. I wonder if there are any Nebraska newspapers endorsing Obama.

In other news, gas prices are dropping! Hooray!

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american apparel in omaha

Did this happen while I was away on my honeymoon?

If not, I must be spending too much time in West O to miss the opening of American Apparel downtown.

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I don’t know how I missed this important political story out of Nebraska. Probably because I don’t watch the local news.

On Monday, August 4, the Custer County Fair in Broken Bow invited “celebrities” to participate in the cow-milking contest–Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns, Democratic candidate Scott Kleeb and some other people whose names I haven’t heard before.

Apparently Johanns has an affinity for telling people that he grew up on a dairy farm. Unfortunately, his childhood exploits did not give him the advantage; Kleeb beat Johanns by approximately 1/2 oz of milk.

Thanks to Mollytics for bringing this story to my attention.

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I love reading the local newspaper when I travel. It’s always helpful to get a sense of what’s going on in the city around you.

In Wednesday’s San Francisco Chronicle, there’s a footnote on page one highlighting a couple of stories found exclusively on the paper’s website. This one caught my eye: VETERINARY EMERGENCY: If your dog looks bloated, immediately grab the car keys

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the headline. The first thing that came to mind was an image of somebody trying to pop their dog with their car keys in order to deflate it. When my mother was a little girl, my grandmother once found her straddling the pet Boxer, King, pushing a screwdriver into his skin so hard that he was bleeding. The dog remained perfectly still, allowing my mom to play veterinarian, but my grandmother freaked out. “What are you doing?” she cried. “King broke. I fix him,” my mother explained, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

According to the article, bloating for a dog is a serious medical condition called gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV) that requires an immediate visit to the vet. Don’t give Scout Gas-X, and definitely don’t use a screwdriver to fix Fido. Grab the car keys and head to your nearest veterinary office.

This has been a public service announcement for all of you dog owners out there.

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so long starbucks

image by piutus on flickr

Of the 600 Starbucks that will be closing between now and the first have of 2009, two of them are in Omaha:


For a list of all of the closing stores, click here.

I know my parents will be relieved that the Starbucks in my hometown is safe–for now.

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You don’t expect a neighborhood pub in Omaha that you happen to frequent (although not as frequently as LB) to make it into a Wall Street Journal article on dream jobs, but sure enough…

Monique Huston actually has her dream job — and many tell her it’s theirs, too. She’s general manager of a pub in Omaha, the Dundee Dell, which boasts 650 single-malt scotches on its menu. She visits bars, country clubs, people’s homes and Scotland for whiskey tastings. “I stumbled on my passion in life,” she says.

Still, some nights she doesn’t feel like drinking — or smiling. “Your face hurts,” she complains. And when you have your dream job you wonder what in the world you’ll do next.

If you visit me, I’ll take you to the Dell.

(This is an old photo because Le Marche, one of my favorite shops in Omaha, is no longer in the small shopping center next to the Dundee Dell.)

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