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we not me

When I saw this poster on More Ways to Waste Time, I immediately thought of marriage. As I’m learning, in a successful marriage you often need to do what’s best for the relationship (the “we”) rather than what’s best for yourself (the “me”). I’ve been told this is a crucial lesson to learn, especially during the first year — when it’s easy to fall back into singleton selfishness.

You can buy it for $18 here. Unfortunately, I love the message, but I’m not crazy about the colors.


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… to Jess and her Guy!Ā  I can’t believe it’s been a year since their amazing wedding. Time is just flying by.


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No, this is not a photo of me. I didn’t “trash my dress” after my wedding. It’s hanging in my bedroom closet in my parents’ house, exactly where I left it after the wedding weekend. It’s safe and sound–but dirty. I haven’t let my mom take the dress to be cleaned and preserved yet because she thinks that the neighborhood dry cleaner will suffice. I’m not so sure about that. This is my wedding dress we’re talking about! But I know that taking it back to the bridal salon from where it was purchase will likely cost several hundred dollars, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that option either.


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weak nails

I wore fake nails to my wedding.

However, they were gel and not acrylic, and I used Mademoiselle by Essie rather than getting the traditional bridal French manicure, which I think helped to lessen the tackiness.

Now my real nails are in dire need of some TLC. Not only are they short (I bit them WAY down in the weeks leading up to the wedding), but they’re weak. I heard that there are some supplements you can take to help your nails grow faster and stronger. A former co-worker used to take MSM supplements, but I’m wary to start taking those because they seem to be for arthritic adults and not for growing fingernails. I heard that Biotin can make your hair and nails grow, but can anybody vouch for that? What about the expensive Phyto supplements from France?

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Allow me to introduce my new favorite kitchen appliance…the Keurig Platinum B70. We actually received it two weeks ago (wow!) at our wedding from J’s cousins, but it was one of many gifts we had to return to BB&B in NJ and re-buy in Omaha. It’s fantastic! This morning I’m drinking one of the French Vanilla cups with some Splenda and Vanilla Caramel Coffee-Mate, and it’s delish. We’re going to have to buy some more K-cups pretty soon; the sample box of 18 cups only had 17 in it! I wonder if Costco sells K-cups…if not, I’ll be using my 20%-off BB&B coupons to restock.

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So what does a married woman do upon her return to Omaha? SLEEP! I can’t seem to get enough of it. Since we got home on Saturday, I’ve slept until about 11am almost every day. (Today I was up at the ungodly hour of 8:15am because J literally dragged me out of bed. He said I have to start getting up at a normal hour. What does he know?)

I can justify my lethargy: Before the wedding, I was an emotional wreck. My anxiety levels were through the roof. I was nervous/anxious/excited about the wedding, stressed out about my job, etc. But now that the wedding is over and I’m (happily) unemployed, I can finally relax. I feel like a totally different person. At night, in bed, my mind can actually turn off. It’s wonderful. So I’m taking full advantage of it and making up for all the sleep I’ve lost in the previous months.

When I’m not sleeping, I’ve been adjusting to the role of housewife. Doing laundry, doing dishes, reorganizing the cabinets and the bookcases and the closets… I’m actually enjoying myself. Getting things in order gives me pleasure. However, I don’t intend to do this full-time for the rest of my married life. I’ve been brainstorming with two friends about the real possibility of us opening a store together. The more I talk about it with them and with my family, the more real it becomes. Right now I’m trying to figure out what exactly I need to know and do in order to start a small business. More details on that as they develop…

I know I still owe you stories and photos from the wedding. Those are forthcoming. I didn’t take any at my own wedding, and I’m still collecting pictures from my friends and family. I’ll be posting some of the best over the next couple of days. Of course, I’m most eager to see Heather’s photos. She brought two assistants with her that day, so I know there are going to be a TON of amazing pictures. She is such a rock star among my circle of friends. I seriously think some of them were more excited to meet her than to see me!

This evening I’m going with a friend to her final dress fitting. Her wedding is in less than three weeks, but since it will be in Buffalo, NY, I’m unable to attend. I can’t wait to see her in her dress. I’m definitely going to have wedding envy. I want to do it all again!

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i’m married!

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