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It’s been nearly a week since I’ve done anything blog-related. I haven’t written anything on mine or read anybody else’s because I’ve been doing so much traveling and haven’t had any time to sit in front of a computer.

Last Thursday I went into NYC to see “Spring Awakening” and spent Friday taking photographs around my old neighborhood in the theater district. Friday night I took a train up to Danbury, CT to visit some college friends and stayed until Sunday. Monday I rode an Amtrak train down to Washington, DC for President Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday, returning to my parents’ house in NJ on Wednesday. Today I have to get myself together because I’m flying back to Omaha tonight.

My sister is coming to Omaha with me and will stay for a couple of days. Even with her there, I hope to return to my normal schedule as much as possible, which includes blogging because, truthfully, I’ve missed it! I have a ton of photos to edit and post–pics from NYC and DC. And I have a bunch of stories to tell, such as my experience standing on the Mall in DC on Inauguration Day.

So stick around, I’ll be right back!

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Do you enjoy musicals about puberty, masturbation, sex, abortions, suicide and rebellion? Then get yourself tickets to see “Spring Awakening” on Broadway before it closes on Sunday!

My sister and I saw the show last night from the first row in the mezzanine. While the story was dark, the music was energetic, and the young actors were absolutely brilliant. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like with the original cast, who I heard were a bit older than the current cast and had stronger voices.

As part of the new cast, Hunter Parrish, one of Mary-Louise Parker’s sons on Showtime’s “Weeds,” plays Melchior, one of the leads, and, despite having a hard time with some of the high notes, is wonderfully convincing in the part. Doesn’t hurt that he’s also extremely pleasing on the eyes… (But he’s so young! Stop it!)

And some trivia for you: The actress who plays the lead female’s best friend is originally from Nebraska.

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Big, beautiful chunks of snow are falling on my parents’ house in New Jersey. Briscoe is in heaven. He adores running and jumping on soft, fresh snow.

Rather than enjoying the snow like my puppy, I’m in panic mode. I have to pick my grandmother up from her apartment this afternoon and drive her to the hospital to visit my grandfather, who was admitted the other day for some tests. I have a real phobia when it comes to driving in the snow. Ever since my fender bender in December 2007, I get anxious just thinking about being on the road during winter weather. It’s as debilitating a fear as avoiding air travel if you are afraid to fly.

(However, I do love taking photos of snow!)

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I just learned via A Cup of Jo that New York City is getting four waterfalls this summer! The installation will be designed by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, who is best known for The Weather Project (2003) at the Tate Modern in London (which I was lucky to see when I visited my sister when she was studying abroad).

The Circle Line will offer daily trips for close-up views of the installations. I am SO making a trip back East to see this in person.

How do you think this installation will compare to The Gates?

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Met my father at Newark Airport when our flight landed at 10 AM so J could try on one of his tuxedos in the restroom near baggage claim because we learned as we were packing the night before that neither his tux nor his black suit fit him anymore — and we were attending a black tie wedding

Ate “real” bagels and pizza

Waited an hour to be seated for brunch at Penelope with J, my sister, Linds and Alex but it was worth it — we three girls thoroughly enjoyed our pumpkin waffles

Shopped at stores we don’t have in Omaha and bought a dress on sale at Anthropologie but nothing at Club Monaco, Zara or H&M

Attended the wedding of a college friend to one of the nicest guys I know out in New Rochelle, NY and reconnected with some girls I haven’t seen since they graduated 7 years ago

Ran into a high school friend in Bloomingdales (although I did just see her a week prior at my bridal shower)

Got harassed by some pigeons (I was only trying to take some pictures of trees!)

Sat in traffic on the way to Penn Station and had to get out and run three blocks with our luggage so that we wouldn’t miss our train and subsequently our plane (we boarded the train as the doors were closing and had to buy our tickets on board)

Cried a little when we left because I miss being close to my family and living the greatest city in the world

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I have so much to report but am having a hard time thinking clearly. J and I returned to our apartment around 12:30 AM after a short but very sweet weekend trip to NYC for a college friend’s wedding. I fell asleep close to 1 AM, sent an email to my boss when my alarm went off at 6:40 AM telling her I’d be in late and didn’t wake up again until 10:45 AM. My plan was to wake up close to 9 AM so I could start unpacking and cleaning up, but that clearly didn’t happened. I left the apartment as messy as it was last night (and before we left for the airport at 5 AM on Saturday) and without my cell phone, engagement ring and watch–that’s how out of sorts I was/am. I was disappointed I didn’t make any progress tidying up the apartment, but I’m letting myself off the hook because I desperately needed the sleep.

Tonight I’ll post photos from our weekend. Thanks to Rachel for letting us crash in her super comfy bed after the wedding.

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From Sunday’s engagement photo session with the insanely talented Heather Waraksa. J and I had such a fun afternoon with Heather; I wish we could hang out with her every weekend.

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