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When I worked in publishing, many of the books I acquired were first editions and/or signed by the author. After reading them I immediately placed them in my bookcase to avoid any additional damage to the cover or the spine. To preserve their integrity, I very rarely let friends borrow them.

Now I usually get my books from the public library. If I’m not checking them out, I’m buying them used at their book sales. Sometimes I’ll get new ones online from Amazon. Since these books are not first editions, I’m not as over protective of them and am OK lending them out… but I am concerned about getting them back!

Perhaps bookplates are the way to go with my non-first edition books. What do you think? Do you use bookplates in your books? What are some of your favorites?

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more office art

I found another photograph that would look fantastic in my office thanks to the art savvy Holly Becker of Decor8. This print, called Solitude, is by the very talented Yvette Inufio of Miami.

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I love this laser-cut steel basket by Megan Auman, but I wish it didn’t have to cost $180. So pricey for a magazine/book holder!

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office art

This scanned image from O at Home magazine’s Winter 2008 issue is my inspiration for decorating my home office, which I painted in Benjamin Moore’s Dill Pickle. I love the combination of the lime, mint, lavendar and periwinkle — so soothing!.Ā  I plan to add white and wood accents, and I’d like to hang as much art on the walls as possible. Here are some gorgeous photographs from Etsy that I think would look great in the room.




This image by Mrs. French is not available on Etsy, but I wish it were!

I’m also looking for a rug — 3×5 or slightly larger — for my office. If you see one in my color scheme, would you please let me know? Thanks!

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As I put the finishing touches on my home office, I’m constantly looking for inspiration from photos of other people’s offices. This one, belonging to Kim from Desire to Inspire, is right up there as one of the best of the bunch. (via Made By Girl)

I love the white walls and floor as a backdrop for the pops of bright colors. Totally different than what I’m doing with my room, but awesome nonetheless.

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How About Orange posted a link to a creativity quiz on her blog today, and I had just to give it a shot. Turns out I’m “Eyes Wide Open” just like Jessica. I realize you’re supposed to take the results of these types of quizzes with a grain of salt, but I think the way my creativity is described is rather accurate.

How I Create:

Your strength lies in your ability to capture your own thoughts and in turn capture the minds of others.

How I Think:

You have a very visual perspective on life. You like your world to be drenched in beauty. The aesthetic is your priority.

Take the quiz, and share your results!

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I love this: domino‘s website features a room-by-room guide to the style evolution of the White House over the years. It’s really interesting to see how each First Lady made her mark on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Some of my favorites include:

Jackie Kennedys Master Bedroom

Jackie Kennedy's Master Bedroom

Laura Bushs Yellow Room

Laura Bush's Yellow Oval Room

Jackie Kennedys Green Room

Jackie Kennedy's Green Room

domino has just reported that Michael Smith, a Los Angeles-based designer, has been chosen by the Obamas to update the interiors of their new digs. I wonder what changes Michelle Obama will make to the most famous house in America.

Random question: Have you ever taken a tour of the White House? I think I may have when I was a little kid, but I clearly don’t remember. I’ll have to look through my parents’ photo albums for proof. Do they even offer tours nowadays?

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