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How delish does this pumpkin pie look? I love Thanksgiving. The food, the family, the National Dog Show. It’s the traditions that make the day so special. For instance, my family does not eat Thanksgiving dinner. This tradition began back when I was a cheerleader in high school, and we’d all return home after the morning Thanksgiving Day football game famished.  Rather than noshing on sandwiches we decided to just bump up our turkey dinner by several hours. I’m ten years out of high school, but we still eat Thanksgiving lunch!

Does your family have any unique Thanksgiving Day traditions?

Also, I’d like to thank all of my readers — old friends, new friends and friends I haven’t met yet. You’re the reason I’m inspired to practice my photography and keep on writing.

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This is me.  Well, it’s not really me, but it sort of illustrates how I’ve been feeling lately. The past month has been extremely overwhelming for me — planning for and returning from my honeymoon, buying a new house and a new car in the same week, worrying about writing deadlines, thinking about furnishing and decorating the house, brainstorming about the business, researching dogs — and the next couple of weeks look to be just as hectic, as we close on our house mid-month and have until the end of October to make it move-in ready.

On top of feeling like my To Do list is slowly suffocating me, I’ve been fighting (and losing) a brutal cold since last week.  The only thing I’ve really felt like doing (when not attempting to do the things on my To Do list) is sleeping. Or hiding. Or sitting on the edge of my bathtub in my skivvies and knee socks like the girl in the photo above.

I’ve been terrible at calling my friends and family, and I apologize to everybody who’s felt ignored. Mass apologies are lame, I know, but I fear I’ve offended a lot of people because I’ve sort of been in hibernation-mode.  It’s just that I’m truly stuck in my own head at the moment.

However, I hope to get unstuck this week (I have a plan to get help) and to return to the loop soon thereafter. Please wish me luck.

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Before it turns midnight and the day ends… happy half-birthday to me!

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i need some blog help!

Dear Readers,

I’m conflicted. I don’t know what to do about my blog. I really enjoy writing about the details of my life, using the blog as a journal, but I also have fun writing about the things that I love (paper) and the things about which I’m learning more (design). I’m beginning to think that maybe this isn’t the forum for everything. It feels… cluttered.

Perhaps I should start a second blog. I could use #1 like a diary and #2 to explore my creative side. I’d essentially have a personal and a professional blog. Or would that just be making things even more complicated? 

Many bloggers are able to weave together posts about their lives and their likes, such as Miss Jane, Ali Loves Curtis, BlissKaty Elliot and The Speckled Egg, but their blogs seem to flow better than mine. Is it because my posts vary in length so much? Because I don’t have a formula for writing each post?

It doesn’t help that I’m so indecisive. That’s why I’m looking to you, my 5 readers, to help me figure things out. Do I maintain two blogs? Streamline this blog? Come up with some sort of blogging template? I would love to hear your opinions, so please leave your comments below. 



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send me an angel

I need my own business angel like this one in Bubbo-tubbo’s Etsy store. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with the business. I need some guidance. I know I have to write a business plan, and I’m pretty sure I can handle that. It’s the financial projections that are the tough part. And I’m confused as to what order thing I need to do things: get an EIN number, find (and secure) a location, get a loan from the bank, pick a name, design a logo… I have a couple of business books, but they’re no subsitution for talking to people who have “been there, done that.” If anybody’s opened their own shop, or knows somebody who has and would be willing to talk to me, I’d love to learn how they did it. Because right now I’m feeling pretty discouraged, and I want to be feeling as motivated as I did when I returned from the Rengade Craft Fair.


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on this day…

two green chairs

It was two years ago today that J and I met at a wedding in NJ.

Time flies when you’re in love.

And love makes people do crazy things…like get engaged after dating for only 10 months.

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Alone in Homewood

I’m alone in my apartment again.

After J left last Saturday, I flew back to NJ to spend a few short days with my family. I returned to Omaha Tuesday night with my grandmother, who stayed with me until this morning. My grandma has been all over the world but never to Nebraska; she came to see the city and keep me company. But now she’s back in NY, and the apartment is quiet again.

I spent the day curled up on the couch falling in and out of sleep. It was a beautiful summer day and I could have relaxed poolside, but I choose to make like a hermit and stay indoors. I didn’t want to cry in public. I think I needed the day to rest; I haven’t felt like myself since Thursday night. I’ve been throwing up and feeling lethargic. I’m not sure if I caught some sort of virus or if I’m just depressed.

I heard from J Tuesday morning but not again until yesterday, Saturday. Every time he calls, I cry. How am I going to make it until August like this?

I had a really long conversation with Jess tonight and she reinforced how important it is that I have some sort of schedule. Since I’m not working, it’d be too easy to sit on the couch and watch TV all day. Instead, I have to get myself to the gym, read my business books, consider taking some sort of class, make plans with friends. She invited me to join her at the Renegade Craft Fair in SF this July, and if I can find some decent airfare, I’m totally there. I need things like that to look forward to this summer, like my sister’s visit in July and my mom’s in August.

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Time, where did you go?
Why did you leave me here alone?

–Chantal Kreviazuk

I miss him already.

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the long goodbye

Tomorrow morning J is leaving on an extended business trip.

I’m not really sure I’ll be able to handle the goodbye.

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Today is a big day for me. Today is my last day in PR. I’m leaving the company where I’ve worked only few short months because I’ve decided that a) agency life is not for me and b) I’m done with PR. I quit before the wedding because I need time to decompress and really focus on the fact that I’m getting married. (Holy crap!) I’ll have a 2.5 days next week to relax and take it all in before J and I fly back East on Wednesday. (Relax? Who am I kidding? We still have so many little things to take care of! Though I am planning on getting a massage before we go…)

The bigger news is that I don’t plan to jump back into work right after the wedding. I don’t want another cubicle job. I want a job that allows me to be creative, to work directly with other people, to make a difference in their lives. I’ve had some ideas as to what I might want to do floating around my mind for the last couple of years, but I’ve been afraid to pursue any of them. Fear of failure, maybe? But the wedding has been the impetus to get over my fear and find what I truly love to do. I’m starting a new life — a new husband, a new last name, a new extended family — so why not take a chance and start a new career.

So what do I want to do? Be a wedding planner. Own a small stationery store. Go back to school. Open a franchise. Be a freelance writer. Be an interior designer. The truth is that I’m still in the discovery phase. I want to learn not only what I’m good at but also what I’m truly passionate about. I’m going to spend the summer networking (meeting wedding planners in the area, talking to small business owners) and researching (reading business books, perhaps seeing a career counselor).

All I know is that I want to be happy. I want a job that I love and that challenges me. I want to work hard everyday. While I’ve enjoyed all of the jobs I’ve had since college (more or less), none of them were my dream job. While I’m still not sure what my dream job would be, I intend to start figuring it out this June.

Have you found your calling? Are you doing what you love to do? Have you started your own business? If you have any advice or words of wisdom, please share!

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