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go thank alice

A big thanks to the very sweet Alice Kim from Trocadero for having chai lattes with me this morning. It was lovely to finally meet you!

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hearts aflutter

We’re one week away from Valentine’s Day. Have you made plans with your loved ones yet? If so, what will you be doing to celebrate?

Unfortunately, some of our significant others won’t be home on the 14th. To me, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, and I try not to put too much stock into it. Although this would have been our first V-day as a married couple, I know that J and I will celebrate our relationship when he returns from his deployment. It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day say, “I love you.”

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After reading about it on Decor8, I immediately signed up for English photographer Susannah Conway‘s self-exploratory e-course, Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self. It was a pretty uncharacteristic move on my part, as I have a history of not following through with online classes, but I was so intrigued by the premise of Susannah’s course. Through photography and writing assignments, participants will exercise their creativity and gain an better sense of self-awareness, two things I am itching to do.

From Susannah’s website:

We’ll be using the camera as a tool to unlock how we see not only ourselves but also the world we live in, including the immediate surrounds of our homes, places of work and our friends and family. We’ll delve into the past and turn our thoughts towards the future.

There will also be writing prompts and exercises that will support your photo projects and encourage greater self-awareness. Some of the assignments and exercises you’ll find quite easy; others you may find more challenging. My aim is to help you really see yourself and begin to tell your story. By the end of the course you’ll have a new appreciation for your one wild and precious life. You’ll also have a set of images that provide a fascinating insight into who you truly are.

If this interests you, there may still be room to sign up. How fun would it be to do this together!

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Here’s my question: What if you aren’t sure of the person you’re meant to be? Then what?

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I’m not much for resolutions. You make all these promises to yourself that are challenging to keep and then get mad at yourself when/if you fail. Still, there are a few things I’d like to reassess/improve in my life. Let’s just not call them resolutions, OK? “Resolution” is a big, scary word.

1. Read more books. My former boss set out to read 100 books in 2008 and succeeded! I don’t need to read that many books to be satisfied that I’ve reached my goal; I think two a month would suffice.

2. Knit more. This is the year that I finish at least one knitting project. Completing one scarf is totally reasonable.

3. Print more photos or create Blurb photo books. I love taking photos with my Canon Rebel XTi, but I very rarely print any to frame or store in albums. Viewing them online is nice but being able to flip through them in my hands would be better.

4. Write more letters and send more care packages to my husband when he is deployed. (That one doesn’t need an explanation.)

5. Return phone calls in a more timely matter. I love my family and friends, I truly do. I just hate talking on the phone. Why? I don’t know! So when a call goes to voicemail, it usually takes me forever and day to return it (if I even do–yikes). It’s not because I don’t want to speak to whoever it was that called. It’s because, well, I’m really not sure! If I could solve the “why” in this situation, a load would definitely be lifted from my shoulders.

6. Be more romantic. After our wedding, it seemed like romance took a back seat to everything else going on in our lives. The last half of 2008 was all business for me and my husband: get a new car, get a house, get a dog, etc. When he returns home in February, I want to work on bringing the romance back into our relationship–with his help, of course! Maybe have a date night once week?

7. Find a part-time job. This is definitely not a resolution, just something on my To Do list. My life has been without structure since the summer, and while it was fun at first to not have to go to the office, I’ve learned that too much flexibility is not the best thing for me. That being said, if anybody knows of any PT positions available in Omaha (or any writing positions on the web), please help a girl out!

8. Exercise more. I know that doing cardio regularly is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress, and I desperately need to relieve anxiety and stress! I’d like to get some yoga in there to practice relaxation techniques, too. I belong to a terrific gym just minutes away from my house, but I can never seem to get myself there. I know I should pencil in time at the gym into my daily schedule (see #7 above), but, like so many of the things I know I should do, I just don’t. Don’t know why either. Maybe this is the year I break my habit of stagnation.

What are some of your non-resolutions for 2009?

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Happy New Year!

Last year, 2008, was such a monumental year for me: I married the love of my life. Together we bought our first house and adopted our first dog. We took a wonderfully exhausting honeymoon to Italy, a country I’ve been waiting to visit my whole life. And we experienced and survived a military deployment.

Since 2006 my life has been full of surprises. That was the year I met J at a wedding. In 2007 he proposed, and I moved to Omaha to start a new life with him.

What does 2009 have in store for us as individuals and as a couple? I can’t even begin to imagine. We’ve done so much in 2008 alone. Does every year need to be as magical and full of change? Is it even possible to maintain the same level of newness and excitement?

I have no idea what to expect in 2009. I wish I knew.

What do you have planned for 2009?

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Monday through Friday the TV is always on. My days begin with the Today Show and end with reruns of Scrubs. During the afternoon I usually watch a couple of episodes of Law & Order.

I feel less alone when the television is on. The noise and the colors are comforting and fill the house with activity. But I end up getting sucked in and, as a result, spend too many hours stuck on the couch and not enough hours being productive.

So today I’m banning TV from the house. Instead, I’m going to attempt to tackle the following items on my To Do list:

1. Wash, dry, fold and put away laundry

2. Organize my office

3. Finish reading New Moon

4. Run the dishwasher

If all goes well (meaning I don’t succumb to loneliness), perhaps I’ll keep the television off tomorrow, too.

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