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dog friends

Perhaps I shouldn’t go so far as to call Briscoe and Yent’l friends, but after a day or so of being penned in the kitchen together, they seemed to learn how to co-exist. At times they even appeared to enjoy each other’s company. Much to our surprise, Briscoe was content to share his crate with Yent’l, and Yent’l allowed Briscoe to sniff her rear and bite her hind legs over and over again.

More photos of the Briscoe and Yent’l together after the jump.



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beware of briscoe

J’s father and step-mother drove 16 hours from Atlanta to Omaha and arrived last night for a visit. They brought with them their 3-year-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff, Yentl, who, upon meeting her “nephew,”  was not at all amused by Briscoe’s puppy antics. Briscoe’s an instigator who love to run and play, but his barking and jumping and racing around the kitchen did exactly not scream, “Welcome to my house!” to Yentl. Instead, she cowered in the corner and ran into her mother’s arms for safety.

The in-laws and Yentl are staying with us until Tuesday. If every day is going to involve Briscoe chasing Yentl to play and Yentl running away in fear, I’m not sure how long my sanity will last.

Right now I really wish I had some Aromadog “Chill-Out” spray for Briscoe. However, Yentl is on his turf… Maybe she needs some “C’mon, Get Excited!” spray.

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briscoe’s first thanksgiving

I swear, there has never been a dog kissed and cuddled and as much as Briscoe was on Thanksgiving. What a spoiled little puppy!

My family took approximately 786 photos of Briscoe yesterday. Here are three that I took with my camera of Briscoe playing with a new toy from his Auntie Robin.

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briscoe’s first grooming

Look at my handsome pup! Briscoe had his very first grooming session today, and I love how clean and white he is.  What I’m not crazy about is how they shaved the top of his nose (snout?). It’s very Poodle, and I prefer the rounder Maltese look. Oh well. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

Then I’ll try another groomer.

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dog plus paper towels

An oldie but goodie. This was from when we still lived in the apartment. Lucky for us, Briscoe is still just as naughty.

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crazy puppy, cute puppy

Briscoe and I are not having a great day together.  To put it simply, he’s driving me absolutely batty. So instead of focusing on how naughty he’s being, I thought I’d remind myself of how cute he can be when he’s not scratching at the walls, jumping nearly as high as the kitchen counters, stealing dishtowels and whining. The proof is in the pictures.


PS: He peed in the kitchen today. Dang!

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briscoe + me

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